Maternal and Child Health Syllabus - Colaborare INSMC, Cluj School of Public Health

Responsabili curs
dr. Michaela Nanu


conf. univ. Ciomartan Tatiana

psih. Miruna Radan. cercetator gr I

dr. Anemona Munteanu, lector INSMC

Programa cursuri
Course 1 Introduction to MCH, Historical development of MCH
Course 2 Life course health development and model. Social determinant of health, and illness. Health disparities
Course 3 International perspectives on MCH
Course 4 Legislative advocacy. MCH program planning, monitoring and assessment
Course 5 Health care systems. MCH policy
Course 6 MCH policy
Course 7 Women’s health. Preconception care. Reproductive care and contraception
Course 8 Pregnancy. Birth
Course 9 The neonate. Breastfeeding
Course 10 Child health
Course 11 Children with special needs
Course 12 The family as a unit of intervention. Role of the school
Course 13 Final review: Project presentation
Course 14 Final review: Project presentation
Seminar 1 Intro to MCH
Seminar 2 Theories concepts and models used in maternal health
Seminar 3 Social determinants of maternal health
Seminar 4 Maternal health. Preconception care and pregnancy
Seminar 5 Maternal Health. Breastfeeding
Seminar 6 Maternal Health. Postpartum period
Seminar 7 Maternal Health. Debate: Pros and cons
Seminar 8 Theories concepts and models used in child health
Seminar 9 Social determinants of child health
Seminar 10 Child health. Children with special health care needs.
Seminar 11 Visit to a center for children with special health care needs
Seminar 12 Adolescent health
Seminar 13 Family as a unit of intervention. Parenting
Seminar 14 Programs in maternal and child health